Healing is a sacred spiritual journey that offers so many beautiful lessons and opportunities to expand your consciousness.

We all have to embark on healing of some kind in order to move through life. Everyone experiences grief, loss, pain and suffering – but it’s the difference between a VICTIM and a CONSCIOUS PARTICIPANT that will help to create miracles.

The ‘victim’ will prolong the suffering but yet the ‘conscious participant’ will turn pain into power. 

In many cases you need to play the role of a victim for a period of time before you truly see the path of non-resistance. The middle ground is being open to a shift in your perspective about what life is presenting you with.

Today I received a powerful question from a woman that had just started using my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. Her son is suffering with an auto-immune disease and she was wanting to know if the ritual will help to heal him and alleviate the illness.

My heart goes out to this woman, because as a mother you would do anything within your power to heal your baby.

So the question is this:

Can you heal yourself and others with the power of manifestation?

The answer is yes – but both parties have to be willing to facilitate the flow of energy exchange required.