Ice-cream , cookies, wine – tried and tested but not working ? Then a great stress buster like no other, yoga, is said to work wonders for both mind and body and bring about holistic healing and increase your resistance to the stress triggers.

In general, while yoga is said to calm the senses , there are certain poses or asanas of 200 hour yoga teacher training rishikesh that work on letting go of stress and tension. Try these out.

  1. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

This pose calls for concentration and focussing of the mind towards a single end. It is an excellent tool for managing stress. It also aids to release  shoulder stiffness and also tightness in the hips  which are the area prone to accumulation of emotional tension.


  • From Tadasana, set your feet hip-width at a distance, with arms open. Take your right arm above the left.
  • Bending the elbows,bring together your palms.
  • Transfer the load to the four corners of your right foot with knees bent slightly.
  • Lift up your left thigh above the right one. If you feel okay with your  knees ,  you are able to clasp your toes at the back of the right calf, then you can do so; else, you can put down your foot as it is . Do not force yourself to perform this.
  • Take on the middle and begin sinking down your hips as you maintain the length along the spine.  Keeping  your eyes fixated firmly on your central tip , ensure an effortless flow of breath.
  • Now come out by gradually beginning  to unwind while returning  to Tadasana. Replicate this on the other end.